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Michele Portlock is a mother of four children living in Parker, Colorado. She earned a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Brigham Young University and worked as an elementary school teacher for two years before taking an extended sabbatical to raise her family. Michele recently completed a master’s degree in behavior therapy from Arizona State University where she developed skills which enable her to help others navigate the autism experience.

Two of Michele’s children have been diagnosed with level 1 autism spectrum disorder. Michele has spent countless hours researching and studying how to best provide necessary and adequate resources for her children. This learning sparked a desire in Michele to reach out and help other parents navigate the autism spectrum in a meaningful way.

Teaching and helping children have been one of Michele’s primary focuses throughout her life. Navigating the Spectrum, LLC was created with the intent of helping parents maneuver through the various aspects of autism spectrum disorder by helping parents learn practical tools and methods to use within their home environments. Michele wants parents to know that they are not alone.

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